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Campton Academy

Year 3

Spring Term 2022

Home learning week 4

English - performance poetry all week (see resources)

Friday afternoon - various Red Nose Day Activities (see resources).


Please look at the Gods and Goddesses ppt from the Ancient Sumer. The children may be able to tell you some similarities and differences between Gods and worship in the Ancient Sumer and the Shang Dynasty. Try to simplify the ppt as you go, some of the vocabulary used is difficult. 

They can then complete the true/false activity (in pairs) and use the posters to find more information about the gods and goddesses. They can then write some of the facts on the work sheet or under subheadings in their History books/on paper. 

Friday maths - I have attached the problem solving ppt and some bar chart interpretation worksheets. 




  1. Download
    TIMETABLE for Year 3 Spring 2022
    PDF File
  2. Download
    Year 3 - What is my child learning Spring 2022
    PDF File
  3. Download
    PDF File
  4. Download
    Maths extra Y3-Spring-Block-3-PPT1-Pictograms-2019
    PPTX File
  5. Download
    Maths extra Y3-Spring-Block-3-WO1-Pictograms-2019
    PDF File
  6. Download
    PDF File
  7. Download
    PDF File
  8. Download
    PDF File
  9. Download
    PDF File
  10. Download
    PPTX File
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    PDF File
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    PDF File
  13. Download
    performance poetry videos
    DOCX File
  14. Download
    Poem Lesson Ideas
    DOC File
  15. Download
    Poetry Lesson Plan
    DOCX File
  16. Download
    Word Cards
    PDF File
  17. Download
    Our Own Godly Facts Activity Sheet
    PDF File
  18. Download
    Sumerian Gods Fact Posters
    PDF File
  19. Download
    True or False Game Activity Sheet
    PDF File
  20. Download
    Friday Maths Yr_3_-_Spring_Block_3_-_Statistics1
    PPTX File
  21. Download
    Thursday Spr3.6.4-Tables
    PPTX File
  22. Download
    Wednesday Maths Spr3.6.3-Bar-charts
    PPTX File
  23. Download
    Thursday Y3-Spring-Block-3-WO3-Tables-2019
    PDF File
  24. Download
    Wednesday Y3-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Bar-charts-2019
    PDF File
  25. Download
    Lesson Presentation Gods and Goddesses
    PPTX File
  26. Download
    Friday Maths t2-m-1388-interpreting-bar-charts-worksheets-_ver_4
    PDF File