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Campton Academy

Opening times

Arriving at School - 'Quiet Start'

A quiet start means that children enter the class from 8.40am and complete some early morning activities prior to the ‘official’ start of the school day. Some of the known benefits include, children being ready and settled to start the school day, less congestion as they come into the school building and children more ready to begin learning.  This also means that the children will not be waiting outside in the cold whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. All children should be in class prior to 8.50am when the register will be taken.


Playtime for Years 1-4 is between l0.30am and 10.50am. Reception pupils, who follow their own Early Years’ Foundation Stage outdoor curriculum, often do not have scheduled morning playtimes with the rest of the school.  Key Stage 1 pupils (Year 1 and Year 2) have an afternoon break from 2.05 to 2.20 p.m


Lunchtime is from 12 noon until 1.05pm.  Children have a hot meal or packed lunch in the School Hall.  


Leaving school: The School Day ends at 3.20pm. Parents/carers should wait in the front playground to collect children in Years 1-4 and outside the Reception classroom door for children in the Reception class.  School Buses are available for pupils who live in Chicksands. These are provided, free of charge, by the Local Authority.


Total opening time: 32.5 hours per week