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Campton Academy



At Campton Academy we aim to plan and deliver a Design and Technology curriculum that will allow our children to be creative learners and promote imagination through a practical subject that will excite and engage all. Our aim is to provide opportunities for our children to design and make a product in response to a given purpose. At every stage they will be encouraged to ask and answer questions to enable them to evaluate their designs. They will understand the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. By the time they leave us the children should have developed key skills in problem solving, have become more reflective learners and understand how to work safely with a variety of tools and materials. This will support them in the preparation of becoming resourceful members of the community.


Our learning objectives will be based on the National Curriculum Design and Technology Programmes of Study for Key Stage 1 and 2 and EYFS for Foundation. It will show clear progression in skills throughout the year groups. The curriculum will be delivered through two strands: Designing and making and Cooking and Nutrition.

The key skills that are taught in Design and Technology are based around the following headings:


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Expressive Arts and Design Early Learning Goal


Development matters from the 'Health and Self-Care' from Physical Development




Technical Knowledge

Cooking and Nutrition




Technical Knowledge

Cooking and Nutrition

Design and Technology will be taught over a half term in weekly sessions. Each term will contain one Design and Technology project per year group. EYFS will develop their skills through activities in topic and their independent learning. Throughout each unit the teaching and learning will follow a clear sequence of lessons allowing the design, make and evaluate process to be completely fulfilled. During the year each year group will complete a construction/mechanisms project, a food project and a textile project.

Sequence of lessons

Background Research

Design Criteria




The children will design products with a purpose in mind and with an intended end user. They will investigate existing products, and use a variety of materials and tools when creating mock ups and final designs. Children will then evaluate their own designs and models, as well as their peers’ work. Food projects will help to develop their understanding of where food comes from, the importance of a varied and healthy diet and how to prepare food safely.

Key skills and knowledge for Design and Technology have been mapped across the school to ensure progression between year groups. A range of skills and new vocabulary will be taught as the unit progresses. We will also ensure that the children are made aware of the importance of health and safety aspects related to each activity.

Children’s knowledge, understanding and skills will be assessed by the class teacher during each lesson. Allowing the needs of individual children to be met through differentiation, support and challenge. Summative assessment will be carried out at the end of each Design and Technology unit to inform the development and progress of their learning outcomes within the subject.


  • Our children at Campton Academy will begin to acquire and build upon life-long skills in a practical and engaging way.
  • They will become thoughtful learners when self-evaluating their work and offering ways in which it can be improved. Enjoyment, confidence and a sense of achievement will be established as they see their designs through from start to finish.
  • Children will demonstrate our school values by persevering with new skills and being respectful of their peers’ creations.
  • Children will have a clear understanding of technical vocabulary and be able to use it appropriately.
  • They will understand the need and importance of a healthy diet while preparing simple dishes / snacks.