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Campton Academy

Attendance and Late/Absence Procedures

Campton Academy aims to encourage every pupil to achieve the highest possible levels of attendance in order to take full advantage of the learning experiences available to them. This is a successful school and your child plays their part in making it so.  

Regular attendance is very important for each child. Parents/carers are asked to ensure that children arrive at school on time, ready to start the school day. Children who arrive late disrupt their own education and that of the other members of the class.  

There are strict rules about children’s attendance at school and we have to record all authorised and unauthorised absence.  Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school on a regular and punctual basis, properly dressed, equipped and in a fit condition to learn.

Our school attendance target is 98%.


We will ensure parents are kept informed about their child’s attendance via termly Progress Reports and at Parent Consultations. 

Pupil attendance is monitored regularly by school staff and the Local Authority.  The reason behind every absence must be evidenced.  If an absence is authorised it still impacts your child’s overall attendance percentage.  This may result in a trigger point being met.  When this happens, you will be informed in writing.  While the reason for the absence has been accepted, we have a legal responsibility to keep you informed of your child’s overall attendance levels and the impact this may have on their academic progress.

Parents may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss their child’s attendance.  This meeting aims to be supportive and will be used to discuss any barriers to attendance and agree appropriate next steps.  If you are experiencing any difficulty regarding attendance, please speak to us so we can decide on an appropriate way forward.

Please see our Attendance Policy on our school website:


Planned Absence

Please let us know if your child will not be at school for any reason. The Principal has discretion only to authorise some absences in exceptional circumstance for reasons other than illness or medical appointments. However, unless you request and receive such authorisation in advance, your child will be marked as having taken an unauthorised absence. All absences are closely monitored by a School Attendance Office from the Local Authority and can in some circumstances lead to parents receiving fines for their child’s non-attendance at school. We are required to enter unauthorised absences on children's report forms. Children who are late may be marked as having an unauthorised absence.

Holidays in Term Time

Please note that from the beginning of September 2013 the rules governing family holidays taken during term time changed significantly.  The 2006 Education Pupil Registration Regulations were amended so that family holidays taken in term time are no longer authorised.  No leave of absence will be granted except for exceptional circumstances.  Our School Attendance Policy can be found below and Local Authority guidance is available here:

N.B. Service families affected by a long deployment should continue to request authorised absence for their children as set out in the information for Service Families (see school website:  Such requests need to be acknowledged in writing by service personals commanding officer.

Requesting authorised absence

Any request for authorised absence should be addressed in writing to the Principal not the class teacher.  Please do not take your child out of school without making a request, as absence without a reason is the most likely area for the Local Authority’s School Attendance Officer to follow up non-attendance.  Please see Local Authority guidance regarding School Attendance Penalty Notices here: 

Illness - If your child is ill please keep him/her at home. If children are unwell they cannot concentrate on lessons and infections can spread to other children.  Children sometimes become unwell at school and it is essential that we have two or three contact telephone numbers so that parents can be informed.  Please do not send your child to school if in doubt about their health.

If you child has suffered from an attack of vomiting and/or diarrhoea please ensure that at least 48 hours* have elapsed between their last attack and their return to school.

* Time frame recommended by the Health Protection Agency.

There have been public cases in the past where schools have not chased up the reasons as to why children are off school.  It has then transpired that there have been tragic circumstances around these absences, e.g. illness of a parent and a child unable to seek help.

We will do everything we can to prevent such situations occurring as I am sure you would agree that your child’s safety is paramount to us all.

If your child is not going to be in school please inform us as early as possible by calling the School Office on 01462 813359 or by messaging us via ParentMail.

(If ParentMail is used there is no requirement to confirm the absence in writing upon the child’s return).

NB: All absences must be reported, whether by telephone or ParentMail, by 9.30am.

If we have not heard from you by 9.30am we will:

  • send a message to you via ParentMail
  • start to call all the contact numbers that you have provided in order to gain an explanation for the absence
  • contact other local schools, if we are aware the child has a sibling at that school
  • contact the JITG Welfare officer, if applicable
  • contact Social Workers, where appropriate
  • make a home visit, or in the case of Service Families, contact the Welfare Officer and ask them to make a home visit

If we still haven’t been able to get a response then we will report the absence to the police as your child will then be classed as a ‘missing child’.

This procedure is to ensure that we know where your child is and that you are all safe.